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How a Designated Driver can make your Christmas Safe and Special

by Mike Aven

   Christmas is fast approaching. You have probably made plans already about Christmas dinner, guests you’d like to invite, gifts for the kids and particular date with your loved ones. However, Christmas season also involves travelling to different places. Whether you are shopping for groceries or decors, meeting up with friends and relatives, or going on a holiday vacation, you need to go somewhere to accomplish your goal. We highly advise you to get a designated driver other than yourself.

    Designated drivers will help you and your car get home or arrive at another destination during instances that you are not able to drive. They are professional, highly experienced, licensed commercial drivers and have excellent driving and customer service skills. They are very dependable and available whenever you need them. But you might be asking “Why would I need a designated holiday this Christmas season?”. Why? There are a lot of good reasons, and we listed some of them below to help you realise how a designated driver can make your Christmas safe and extra sweet.
Your safety is guaranteed.
    It is inevitable this Christmas to have a few drinks of cocktails and champagne, especially when you are attending a party or a dinner date. However, this does not give you reasons to be reckless regarding safety. Never drink and drive. The last thing you would want this holiday is to be involved in a car accident. You still need to care about your safety as well and your love ones as well. Having a designated driver will help you thoroughly enjoy the festivities but always ensuring that you and your family members can go home safe and sound.

There will be less holiday stress.

    Christmas is a very busy holiday. Ever heard about “Christmas Rush”? During this time, people are catching up with all the things they need to do before Christmas Eve. There will be more people at the malls, shops and even on the streets. And for sure, there will be more vehicles on the roads and parking lots. You don’t want to dampen your good holiday mood by worrying about the traffic situation or finding a nearby parking space. Let somebody else solve these problems for you. Get a designated driver to have you and your family picked-up and dropped-off so you can just focus on having an enjoyable time.

You will feel more special.

    It’s not every day that you have someone drive for you and your date. Imagine feeling more special and important even just for the holidays, that’s what you and your time will get when you hire a designated driver. You will feel like a boss just having someone drive for you. Plus, your partner will think that you have a lot of effort to your date. You’ll never know how a particular time can be even more special with a small decision like getting a driver.

You’ll have more alone time together.

    When you have a designated driver on your Christmas date, your partner will feel more loved because you can focus your whole attention on her. It will give a more romantic feel to your holiday dinner date just having your eyes on each other even when travelling together. There will be more time to talk, more time to hold hands, and more time to show affection to each other. You will surely wish that the car travel takes a little longer.

Get more idea for a perfect holiday.

    After the party or dinner date, you want to hang around some more with your family or loved ones, but you don’t have any ideas what to do next. If you have a designated driver, then there is no need to worry. Hired drivers can be a good source of ideas for your next destination. They are very knowledgeable of great places nearby where you can stroll, drink coffee, or grab a beer or two. You can extend your good times together as much as you want.

Have the best Christmas experience ever.

    The most important reason why you have to get a designated driver this Christmas is that it’s the time to treat yourself and your family the total holiday relaxation. After a whole year of hard work, this is the time when you deserve to think nothing else but your happiness. Let the designated driver worry about everything that concerns the mode of transport so you can thoroughly enjoy the spirit of Christmas.
    Having a designated driver is indeed very helpful for anyone this coming Christmas. If you want to get a designated driver service around Vancouver area, then contact at Own Driver Services Company. We offer reliable and convenient service that will ensure you and your car’s safety this holiday season. Call us to book your own designated driver at the most affordable price.